Implementation Plan

WP7 was led by Professor Simon Garrington who is based at the University of Manchester. The majority of the work of WP7 occurred at the end of PrepSKA as it pulled together the SKA Implementation Plan. The specific objectives were:

  • To ensure adequate communication between the diverse range of SKA activities as the project progresses;
  • To integrate all of the activities, reports and outputs of the other work-packages into a summary document, or series of documents that will form an SKA implementation plan;
  • To publish a costed SKA system design.

The other PrepSKA working groups provided documents that informed the work of WP7. The principal role of the WP7 team towards the end of the PrepSKA project was to integrate the work, harmonise the language and appearance of the final report and draft the SKA Implementation Plan.

WP7 also produced a report that described the socio-economic and knowledge impact of the SKA on the European Research Area. Such a report may also be useful to other countries/regions in producing their own, similar study.

Deliverable 7.1 Draft costed System Design and Technical Reports

Deliverable 7.2 paper on the Socio-impact of the SKA

Deliverable 7.3 Full SKA implementation Plan draft  Cover sheet containing links to the following documents: