This work-package was led first by Professor Philip Diamond, then by Professor Steve Rawlings and finally by Professor Paul Alexander (PrepSKA Scientific Coordinator). The administration was based mainly at the University of Manchester, although the lead participant was the STFC, and STFC received the project funding, which it then distributed.

The primary function of WP1 was to ensure that the appropriate management structure was in place across all work-packages; that there was excellent communication and interaction between all relevant parties, and particularly the various funding agencies; that reporting was done according to an established procedure and schedule; that the appropriate mechanisms for monitoring progress within work-packages were in place and that milestones and deadlines were achieved. In addition, WP1 personnel monitored the projects budgets and expenditure and ensured that EC funds were distributed in a timely manner.

Deliverable 1.1: First Periodic Review

Deliverable 1.2: Second Periodic Review

Deliverable 1.3: Third Periodic Review