Additional Site Studies

WP3 was led by the SPDO Site Engineer, Rob Milenaar. The purpose of WP3 was to inform the decision making process leading to final selection of the SKA site. This was accomplished by carrying out further measurements and studies of the characteristics of the two sites short-listed by the International SKA Steering Committee; by investigating infrastructure deployment costs and timescales, and by carrying out an analysis of scientific, technical and operational risks associated with locating the SKA at each of the short-listed sites in Australia and Southern Africa.  The deliverables are given below:

Deliverable 3.1: Report on Ionospheric Scintillation and TIDS

Deliverable 3.2: Deliver RFI hardware and software

Deliverable 3.3: Report on Phase Referencing and Self-calibration

Deliverable 3.4:Report on optimum configuration for SKA

Deliverable 3.5: Report on influence of physical configuration on design, operation and costs

Deliverable 3.6: Report on infrastructure deployment timescales, cots and operational models

Deliverable 3.7: Report on risk analysis ot the science environment

Deliverable 3.8 and 3.9 combined: Report on RFI measurements in Australia and South Africa

Deliverable 3.10: Report on Radio Quiet zones for shor-listed SKA sites

Deliverable 3.11: Final Site Report